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How long have you already been investing in your company to see no results?

Here’s the interesting thing I’ve learned – all the marketing and sales strategies work… in their own time.

Chances are that you have worked hard and doing the ‘right’ things to grow your business. You just have focused on the big sexy strategies that bring in business in the long-term, but have you hearing crickets in the short-term.

If that’s you, know this – you aren’t alone. In fact 85% of the businesses are doing the same. If they can change points around and see results in the next 90 times – so can you. Here are usually the top 10 methods for you to grow a business very easily and quickly.

1. Stabilize your marketing blend to include short-term (results in 90 days), moderate (results in 90-180 days) and long-term (results within 180+ days).

2. Become more active in your own marketing. If you wait around for your phone to ring, you need to do more marketing that will boost your “Know, Like & Trust Factor”. The fastest way is through being were your clients are and talking to them. If you want to grow your business, don’t wait for business to come to you!

3. Build Out Your Circle of Influence. Have you ever played the game ‘6 degrees of Kevin Bacon’? Think of the people who, through the course of their work, touch your ideal client. Seek out partnerships and alliances with those businesses that best represent how you like to do business. Developing relationships with a few key people is a quick path to cash

4. Ask Your Clients To Buy Again. It’s easy to focus on getting new clients and new projects in the door, but your existing clients are more profitable. Reach out to any previous customer who hasn’t purchased within the last 6 weeks or perhaps a year. Let all of them know how valuable these people have been to a person and see when there is something you can do with regards to them now.

5. Inquire Your Clients For Recommendations. If you love your own clients, then you’ll most likely love their referrals. Always request for referrals, but even when the customer you simply called in #4 does not have work for a person, then ask, “Who do you know who…?”

6. Raise Your Price. I know this seems simple, but most people don’t adjust their pricing in accordance to their costs. I had a client who lost 20% in gross profits because she unknowingly undercharged. The change in her business puts $100,000 to her bottom line. I know this is a sensitive area, but know most buyers won’t even register a 10% increase in price.

7. Re-evaluate Your Profitability Priorities. It’s easy to say yes to subscriptions and little extras in your business – however, you can be nickel and diming yourself to death. Terminate any unused subscription simply no matter how good associated with an idea it may possibly be, trim back about the nice-to-have expenses in addition to creating cash to set to the growth of your current business.

8. Stop Being Busy, Start Being Effective. Consider a good hard appearance at what you carry out with your day. Typically the top three things a business person or small business operator needs to do is usually 1. ) Get the Funds, 2. ) Sell the Money as well as 3. ) Serve The Money. How much green is in your calendar? If it isn’t a revenue generating task – dump it or delegate it.

9. Stop Doing It By Yourself. Gone are the days when small businesses can be successful in a silo, You get no trophy for doing it on your own. Invest in people who want to invest in you through accountability partners, masterminds or coaching. You will leap-frog your competition when you stand on the shoulders of giants.

10. Don’t Make It Harder. Simplicity and ease is what benefits in operation. If it sounds too hard, it possibly is – especially when you are doing it alone. It’s better to remain things simple when adding together a growth plan regarding your business. Doing tiny things every day put up to a major cause in the end. The less difficult everything is, the easier they are to be regular and sustainable. Most organizations stall out because they can’t sustain their initiatives – do not be one of them.

Use one or perhaps all these strategies to kick-start the growth of your small business!